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The UK fresh produce sector: Review of the supply chain

By 8th February 2024No Comments

Defra has launched its consultation into fairness in the supply chain for the fresh produce sector. The consultation is one of the key commitments made at the Downing Street Farm to Fork Summit in May 2023 and builds upon work already underway to improve fairness in the pork, dairy and egg supply chains.  

The consultation is aimed at finding out more about … 

  • how the UK fresh produce sector currently functions 
  • the nature of the relationships across the supply chain 
  • whether the fresh produce supply chain could be improved and how 

And getting a better understanding of the issues around fairness and transparency that exist within the sector. 

The hope is that this will enable Defra to design future policy aimed at promoting better business practice and making the supply chain fairer for all.  

This is the link to the online consultation. 

The consultation closes on 11:45pm on 22 February 2024. 

British Growers will be making a submission to the consultation so if anyone wants to send us their thoughts and ideas for incorporation into the submission, please let us have them as soon as possible.