Urgent need to respond to ED Consultation

by Tim Mudge

British Growers calls for last minute responses to Endocrine Disruption consultation

British Growers chief executive Jack Ward is encouraging UK growers to make a last minute submission to the European Commission's consultation on crop protection before Friday’s deadline (16 January).

Mr Ward says the Commission's public consultation on defining criteria for identifying endocrine disruptors (EDs) will limit the use of plant protection products and could result in the UK exporting £1bn worth of its horticultural industry to other areas of the world, with a resultant loss of jobs and investment.

The boss of the organisation which represents the UK’s leading growers of vegetables salads and fruit, said: “The EU has reclassified the way it looks at plant protection and this could result in the loss of important products. UK growers need to add their voice to the wide range of organisations opposing the EU’s proposals.”

He added: ‘As an industry we want the safest possible systems for protecting our crops. Growers go to considerable lengths to ensure the integrity of their produce including detailed record keeping, residue testing and operator training.”

A recent report produced by the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board identified the potential economic impact on the UK with the biggest effect likely to fall on the UK horticultural industry. The report estimates losses for the sector could be as high as £1bn depending on the final interpretation of the legislation.”

UK Growers interested in responding to the consultation can do so by clicking here