The importance of an effective Crop Association

by Christina Stocks

With over 300 different crops produced by growers across the UK, Crop Associations are a very effective way of co-ordinating and focusing activity. It’s vital that as many growers as possible contribute to their relevant association to ensure each crop is effectively promoted and represented.
The primary roles of a Crop Association are to promote consumption; influence UK and EU regulation; collect and disseminate industry data and information; co-ordinate industry relevant research and promote knowledge transfer through a range of events.

The Crop Associations are grower led and grower financed and support the commercial activities of UK based growers.

Horticulture is such an important industry in the UK, and it’s one that constantly needs support to help it grow. Crop Associations can play a vital role in ensuring this happens.

Recently, British Growers commissioned new research which surveyed 139 leading fruit and vegetable suppliers in the UK to establish the current issues facing the sector.

The survey highlighted concerns UK fruit and vegetables suppliers had, which included the UK’s competitive world ranking and competitive pricing as well as input costs, regulation and climate and proximity to market.

Crop and Producer Associations can efficiently and cost effectively share all their services and relevant expertise with their members to help tackle these important issues. Crop and Producer Associations can assist members by helping to promote consumption, and ultimately drive sales.
Actively seeking an association, which is appropriate for your business or organisation, can ensure that issues can be dealt with effectively.

British Growers is an umbrella group comprising a range of organisations operating in the UK horticulture industry and fresh produce sector. The membership includes Crop Associations, Producer Organisations and marketing groups. British Growers also offers a focal point for UK horticulture.

British Growers provides administration and financial services for organisations needing a comprehensive and cost effective solution to their internal administration. It provides a source of information and intelligence about UK horticulture to its members and the wider industry and maintains key relationships with major industry stakeholders.

To find out how British Growers can help your business or organisation please contact 01507 602427 or contact us via Twitter @BritishGrowers.