The British Growers basket

by Jack Ward

Through our market intelligence service MIS we collect a large amount of data on a week by week basis about the retail price of produce. The data is collected from major retailers and provides a good illustration of what’s happening on prices at the consumer end.
A couple of months ago we decided to set up a British Growers basket of products which broadly reflect our Crop Associations. Each month we interrogate our data base and produce a monthly cost for the basket. This type of illustration is particularly useful when explaining to people outside the sector what’s happening inside the sector.
The basket is made up of the following products. The majority are expressed in ppkg, some as individual items and some as multiples.
Braeburn per kg, Broccoli per kg, Carrots per kg, Closed Cup Mushrooms per kg, Conference per kg, Coriander Pot each, Cucumber each, Iceberg each, Leeks per kg, Onions per kg, Peppers Mixed X3 Tomatoes X6
From a grower perspective the picture isn’t exciting. Instead it highlights how challenging the past few months have been and what a great deal the consumer is getting in terms of value, choice and price.
If you are interested in finding out more about our market intelligence service, we would be very happy to talk to you.