Still time to apply for LSA Fellowship 

by Peter Crowe

Still time to apply for LSA Fellowship 

Candidates still have until August 17thto apply for a place on the LSA CT (Land Settlement Association Charitable Trust) Fellowship Scheme. The scheme will help to develop the future leaders of the commercial horticulture industry.

John Cappalongaof Gee Vee Enterprise said: “The LSA Trust has set up a Fellowship scheme to develop six promising individuals per year that prepares students for Horticultural leadership in a wide variety of settings within the industry. This comes at a very crucial and exciting time for Horticulture as we seek to improve and modernise in tune with 21stCentury techniques of growing and preparations for Brexit.

“Professional institutions will be working with individuals personally to promote management and leadership. This unique opportunity will provide prospective applicants who want to pursue their career further with an overview of leading Horticultural companies where they can receive experience and training to become more involved with strategic management.”

Within the two-year period of the Fellowship, participant will take part in:

Six ‘Technical Meetings’ covering topics such as crop protection, resources, and productivity (in association with AHDB)

Attendance on a Study Tour (such as those organised by AHDB, IPPS and Grower Associations)

Technical/strategic committees of the participating trade bodies as a guest

A series of the visits where Fellows host the members of their cohort at their place of employment

The scheme is being supported by the National Farmers Union, British Growers Association, The Horticultural Trades Association, the Chartered Institute of Horticulture and Agricultural and Horticultural Development Board 

More information on the scheme and how to apply can be obtained from Coral Russell at British Growers email:, tel: 07881 295616. 



For more information contact Coral Russell at British Growers for more information.  Coral.russell@britishgrowers.org07881 295616


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