Russian import ban – latest

by Tim Mudge

Russian import ban – latest 

On Friday 15 August officials met in Brussels to discuss the situation and agreed to maintain a watching brief while data was gathered from member states about the impact of the ban.

By Monday 18 Aug the EU announced emergency support measures for affected fruit and vegetable growers. The products covered by the measures include tomatoes, carrots, white cabbage, peppers, cauliflowers, cucumbers, and gherkins, mushrooms, apples, pear, red fruits, table grapes and kiwis.

The intention is to reduce the overall supply of fruit and vegetable products to EU markets in the coming months as and when price pressures become too great. 

All growers of products covered by the measures - whether in producer organisations or not - will be eligible for the support.
The measures will include market withdrawals (possibly for free distribution), compensation for non-harvesting and green harvesting. They will be retrospective from August 18 and will apply until the end of November. €125 million has been allocated to cover the costs.
British Growers met with Defra on 19 August and there is a lot of detail still to be worked out. Our sense is that the announcements are moving much faster than the practical detail. Given that much of the Brussels machine is off for most of August it may be some time before we find out how these measures will work in practice. Defra has confirmed to us that it will be pressing the EU for more detail on the practical implementation.

We will continue to update the website as soon as there are further developments.