Potential impact of Russian import sanctions

by Tim Mudge

On the 7th August 2014 Russia announced that it was imposing a ban on all imports from the EU of agricultural products for up to 12 months. According to the European Commission, the EU last year exported 11.8 billion euros ($15.8 billion) worth of agricultural products to Russia, more than a third of Russia's total. Agricultural exports totalled 9.9 percent of the EU's exports to the region, dwarfed by the 107.7 billion euros ($144 billion) in industrial products that the EU shipped to Russia in 2013.

British Growers Chief Executive stated, “BGA is trying to establish the full extent of the short and medium term implications of the Russian food import ban on UK Growers. The complex trading patterns across the EU and beyond often mask the eventual destination of produce leaving the UK and it is possible that some of the exported UK fruit and veg would find its way to Russia.

The value of EU exports to Russia is around 12bn Euros approximately 30% of Russia's total food imports. This produce will need to find a new market which may affect trading patterns across the EU. We are asking our growers to keep us informed about the impact of the ban.”

British Growers will monitor the situation closely through its network of contacts in the growing and representative sectors.