Nuffield plans for 2018 keynote address

by Tim Mudge

Nuffield announce launch of prestigious inaugural lecture

The Nuffield Farming Scholarship Trust has announced a new keynote address, titled ‘The Nuffield Farming Lecture’, to be held in 2018.

Majoring on Britain’s changing farming landscape, this new opportunity offers a carefully selected, well-respected individual the chance to make a valuable contribution to a subject of key importance to the UK agricultural industry and society at large.

Mike Vacher, Nuffield Farming director explains that the lecture, which will be held in London in 2018, will be delivered on the topic ‘How does the UK farmer deliver to the UK food culture(s) of 2030?’

“This is an exciting and positive development in the history of the Nuffield Farming and promises to give the industry valuable insights into global trends and opportunities for UK farmers,” says Mike.“The study topic has been chosen because of its relevance across all farming sectors in the UK and because of the crucial need to develop a cohesive food and farming strategy to deliver safe, nutritious and affordable food in the UK for this generation and generations to come,” he adds.  The study will consider the resilience of the food chain in the UK, the changing relationship with food, look at the consumers attitude to food, both ethical and cots, nutritional awareness and access.

Expressions of interest are being invited now, via a short email to be sent to Application forms will then be provided, and these must be submitted no later than July 31. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to present a short presentation of their study plan to the selection committee during the Autumn.

The successful applicant will be a well-respected individual, recognised as an authority in the chosen specialisation. They will be selected at least 18 months prior to the lecture, allowing time for additional study and the drafting of a major written report. A bursary of £15,000 will be provided to the successful applicant

This award is a development of the ‘Frank Arden Memorial Scholarship’ and the Trust is most grateful for the continued generous support provided by Meryl Ward and her family and our other sponsors.

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