NIAB Cucurbits trials day

by Tim Mudge

The Outdoor Cucurbits Grower Group will be viewing the NIAB Variety Trials to be held on Thursday 25th August 2016 at NIAB’s Cambridge site; there are 19 courgette varieties, 14 pumpkin varieties and 8 winter squash varieties. In addition the results of the Electrolysed water trial will be available.

Collaboration on new research required by this sector is necessary to ensure that our AHDB levy is spent on projects required by commercial growers, advises Neil Cairns of Barfoot Farms who is the Chairman of this grower group. Relevant research and knowledge exchange are vital to the future of this expanding field vegetable sector.

Following viewing of the Variety Trials, AHDB Horticulture grower levy payers will have a meeting with AHDB to discuss results of current cucurbit research and plan ahead for new R&D required.

Cucurbits are not grown by a large number of commercial growers so all involved in this sector are encouraged to attend this Open Day and become involved in shaping research work

British Growers provide the administration for this grower group. If any outdoor cucurbit grower would like to receive more information on this group please contact:

Jayne Dyas or Brooke Lovelock, British Growers, or 01507 602427