Liven up leeks and win yourself £1,000

by Julia Hall-Jones

Liven up leeks and win yourself £1,000

We are launching a new student competition and inviting you to help us take the humble leek to new culinary heights and present it as the versatile super-food it really is.

We would like you to create a brand new recipe which uses Leeks in a most versatile manner. Perhaps you already have a unique recipe or have a new idea in mind, it might even be a twist on a classic recipe, just head to the kitchen and let your creative juices go wild. Naturally the leek needs to be a key ingredient (please only use fresh leeks) and we don't mind if the recipe is for a starter, main dish or dessert! We just ask that it's an original, deliciously tasty dish that others will be keen to make themselves and shows leeks in truly innovative way.

What do you have to do?

Create a video showing the preparation and presentation of an original or creative and innovative dish with leek as a main ingredient.

• Dish should be original, creative and innovative and appeal to men and women in the UK aged between 18-40 years
• Video should be a maximum of 2 minutes in length
• Completed videos need to be uploaded on YouTube and your contact details emailed to

What do you need?

You simply need:

1. A Lively Leek recipe
2. Ingredients for your dish - including fresh leek
3. A kitchen or somewhere to prepare your dish
4. A digital camera (with video capabilities) or iPhone/iPad
5. A friend to video the creation of your masterpiece.

What are the prizes?

The overall winner receives £1000 cash prize and his or her video and recipe will be published on the British Leek Growers Association website ( and associated PR materials.

Regional winners:

Seven regional winners will each receive a £200 cash prize and their video and recipe will be published on the British Leek Growers Association website ( and associated PR materials.

Judging criteria

The judges are looking for videos showing original, creative and innovative ways of using leek to create delicious savoury or sweet dishes. The dish may be a starter, main or dessert.

Entries will be judged on the following criteria:

• Originality – either in the use of leek or the combination of ingredients
• Creativity - how well the recipe showcases the uniqueness and versatility of leek
• Dish Presentation – how appealing is the completed dish
• Quality of submission – how well the video entry is presented

The top scoring entrants will win the prizes.

Judging Process

Round 1

The first stages of judging are the regional heats. Your entry will be entered into one of these depending on the location of your educational establishment. One winner will be chosen from each region. Each winner will receive £200.

Round 2

The seven winning regional entries will be entered into the national competition judged by a panel of specialists including British Leek Growers and representatives from the British Leek Growers Association. One overall winner will be chosen and receive £1000.

Shooting tips

You don’t need to be a professional cinematographer to create your videos. These guidelines may help you:

• Make sure you’re in a quiet place and there is no distracting noise
• Check your background; don’t stand in front of a window or a source of light
• Make sure the subject is well lit, preferably from behind the camera
• Keep the clips short and active. Avoid rapid pans and zooms
• You can use a tripod (if possible) to avoid shaky shots and reduce rapid movements of the camera
• Once you’re done, check the video to make sure it’s lit and your audio is clear.

Uploading - advice

• Video Specifications – you must be able to upload on to YouTube
• You may find you need to register first.
• Click on the Upload tab at the top of the webpage and following the on-screen instructions. You should ‘tag’ your video with the words ‘leek leeks British competition 2013’ as well as your title for the film.
• Once you have uploaded your video you will receive an email from YouTube informing you that your video has been loaded. Simply forward that email to include contact details phone, email and a photo of yourself and you will be entered into the British Leek 2013 competition.

Right, now get cooking and let’s liven up leeks!

Entries must be in by 24th November 2013

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