First Vining pea conference for the UK to be held in November

by Tim Mudge

UK Vining Pea Industry Conference Announced

The UK’s first Vining Pea Industry Conference will be held at PGRO Thornhaugh on the 11th November 2015. The first of several keynote speakers will be Brian Young of the British Frozen Food Federation and updates will include the Hatch Communications team who run the ‘Yes Peas!’ Campaign, the latest results from research work at PGRO, and much more.

The pea seed drilling is well under way for the 2015 crop with some areas over 40% through their programme. The crop is harvested during June July and August and stretches from Suffolk up to north of Dundee and frozen in one of the many freezing factories sited on the east coast of the UK. Peas are an iconic ingredient, and accompaniment, to UK consumers and they feature in many differing cuisines including pastas, risottos, stir fries and curries on the website.

The event will be hosted by PGRO, Horticultural Development Company (HDC), and the British Growers Association and will include a range of invited speakers covering topics from promotion and marketing to industry overviews and the latest outputs from research and knowledge transfer, giving delegates a unique insight into the market and possibilities for the future. The programme will start late morning with lunch provided, and in the afternoon a number of sessions will cover what’s happening in Europe and the UK 2015 season.

Roger Vickers, Chief Executive of PGRO said “It is recognised by everyone that a single well focussed day would enable us to deliver high quality information to our sector in the most time efficient fashion.”

Dawn Teverson Legume Knowledge Transfer manager at HDC says “It’s exciting to collaborate with PGRO and British Growers for this event dedicated to the Pea industry and we look forward to expanding the event in future years to deliver more for growers.”

Tim Mudge of British Growers Association added “The better informed the sector is the stronger it will become. Many other sectors of horticulture have specific days aimed at them and they have proved to be very popular. We hope that this annual event will go from strength to strength.”