Farming & Countryside Education (FACE) and British Growers

by Tim Mudge

FACE is the leading educational charity helping children to learn more about the importance of food and farming in today's complex world.
Today's children will have to face the challenge of feeding the world's population by 2050. We want to prepare them for that daunting task while, at the same time, helping them to develop healthy lifestyles of their own.

We support visits to farms, we train teachers to give them confidence to teach about these vital topics and we work to improve the lives of children through the food they eat. In summary, FACE

Equips teachers and mobilises the food and farming industry so that Children are motivated to explore their complex and changing world AND are prepared to make better informed decisions in it leading to Healthier lives. Informed consumers. Better careers. Sustainable food systems.

What does that mean for the British Growers’ Association?
“British growers of Salads, Vegetables and Fruit have a great story to tell and have much of which to be proud.”
We can help to tell your story. We work with teachers and children all the time. We can
• facilitate school visits to farms and growing sites
• help growers go into schools to share their enthusiasm and expertise
• offer training for farmers and growers who want to do more
• incorporate information about growing British produce into our training courses for teachers and trainee teachers
• produce classroom materials
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