Crop group Chairmen gather at Stoneleigh this week

by Jack Ward

Crop Association Chairmen and Industry bodies meet at Stoneleigh this week

Crop Associations play an important role in the horticultural sector. They provide valuable advice and guidance on R&D projects; a focus for crop specific promotional activity and opportunities for technical knowledge transfer. At the macro level Crop Associations are a crucial interface between the horticultural industry and a wide range of stakeholders and we want to develop the right environment for the industry to flourish both in the domestic and the export markets. UK horticulture fulfils a crucial role in servicing the major industries of food manufacturing and food retailing. It offers significant employment opportunities and makes a positive contribution to the national economy.

The meeting has been planned to help and support the individual Associations to address the opportunities that exist in their particular sector and the more generic cross industry issues. Speakers at the meeting will include Kathleen Kelliher from Defra, Dr Bill Parker, HDC and Professor Mark Tatchell from the Horticultural Innovation Partnership.

Jack Ward, Chief Executive of British Growers Association, said "Ultimately we want the Associations, working with us, to achieve greater impact and bring bigger and better benefits for Crop Association members."

A press release with more details will be published after the meeting takes place on the 27th November.