Closure of the emergency F&V measures

by Jack Ward

BGA has been advised that the Commission has issued the following statement about the closure of the emergency F&V measures scheme. In the light of the Commission’s comments, no further applications can be accepted from POs or growers wishing to use these measures.

This is extremely disappointing news. Defra and RPA have undertaken to keep us updated about developments of any revised measures.

Brussels, 10 September 2014

Commission suspends emergency measures for perishable fruit and vegetables and will come forward with a more targeted scheme.

The European Commission has today suspended the emergency market measures for perishable fruit and vegetable markets (worth 125 million €) announced on August 18 in the wake of the Russian measures banning imports of certain EU agricultural products. There has been strong interest from the sectors concerned, but the scheme has to be closed due to a disproportionate surge in claims – for example where the figures submitted for some products are several times higher than the total EU average annual exports to Russia.

In order to prolong the effectiveness of the emergency measures and still achieve the objective of stabilising the markets for these products in all Member States affected by the Russian embargo, the European Commission will come forward with a more targeted scheme in the near future, taking into account the experience of the past weeks.

European Commission Dacian CioloĊŸ stated: "The European Commission remains committed to support those producers who have suddenly lost an important market because of the Russian measures. I intend to present a new scheme in the coming days which is more targeted and efficient and which will continue on from this scheme."

Jack Ward CEO British Growers said ‘this is a worrying and disappointing development at a time when many growers in the UK are facing serious difficulties resulting from the Russian import ban. The introduction of the scheme was intended to provide an ordered and considered response to the ban. This latest announcement adds further uncertainty to an already uncertain situation. BGA will be looking to the EU to come forward with revised proposal as soon as possible.