Beeswax Farming joins Pea & Bean Growers Association

by Tim Mudge

We are delighted to announce that Beeswax Farming has joined the British Pea & Bean Growers Association run by British Growers. This includes support for the successful Yes Peas! Promotion campaign. British Peas & Beans provides growers with information on the pea crop and industry news throughout the year. Regular newsletters are sent out and crop surveys carried out throughout the year. It also runs the Legumes Panel which gives growers the a forum to discuss R&D projects with AHDB Horticulture and PGRO. In November the first UK Vining Pea Industry Conference was held and received positive reviews from the delegates.

British Growers Commercial Manager Tim Mudge said “Beeswax Farming are an important grower in the vining pea industry and we are pleased that they are now supporting our work and value the information that we provide.”