ARTIS Training - New Vegetable Courses

by Julia Hall-Jones

11 November, Cambridgeshire: PR06 Crop Management of Salad Crops

Authored by leading independent agronomist David Norman of Fresh Produce Consultancy Ltd. This course focuses on how to manage the common risks and challenges to enable the delivery of even beds of salad crops of perfect shape, size and leaf quality for planned dates, every time. The first courses will be taught by Liz Johnson of L J Technical Consultancy Ltd.

19 November, Lincolnshire: PR04 Crop Management of Vegetable Brassicas

Authored and taught by Andy Richardson of The Allium and Brassicas Centre. This course focuses on soil preparation, field establishment, nutrient and water availability and meeting pest, weed and disease challenges to deliver fields of uniform plant sizes, with green undamaged, perfect leaves, for the planned dates, every time.

11 December, Cambridgeshire: PR05 Root Vegetables (carrots & parsnips)

Authored and taught by Tom Will of Vegetable Consultancy Services. This course focuses on agronomic and rotational strategies to develop perfect soil conditions, nutrient and water availability to grow beds of even shaped, Class 1, roots at the rate of growth correct for the designated time of harvest.

15 June, Cambridge: PR10 Recognising Potato Diseases and Varieties

Taught by Hannah Parish (Head of Cambridge HQ Trial Delivery), Dr Tom Wood (Senior Molecular Pathologist) and Charles Gentry (Trials Officer), all of NIAB TAG. Aimed at individuals who wish to understand more about potato varieties, diseases and disorders. This course will be of particular interest to new members of the potato trade, agrochemical specialists, consultants, agronomists and processors.

1 October, Cambridgeshire: FS04 Managing Pesticides in Fresh Produce

Taught by Ian Finlayson, Practical Solutions International and David Godsmark, Swallowfield Nursery. This course is aimed at Technical and quality members of staff, e.g. quality management staff who face retailer customers. . Participants will have an understanding of updates on UK/EU legislation; design of a residue testing programme; how to sample for laboratory analysis; how to better manage residues in fresh produce for retailers and how to better understand residue testing results and drive change.

17 September, Cambridgeshire: FS03 Understanding pesticides and residue minimisation management

Authored and taught by Eleanor Long, Blue Frog Scientific. This is aimed at agronomists who design and work with crop protection programmes, to develop their insight into what the impact of choice and timing and rate of products is on growth and development of crops and pesticide residue profiles in the context of current and forward legislation. Once the course is completed participants will understand UK/EU/Worldwide legislation; laboratory procedures; testing programme design; sampling for laboratory analysis; management for residue minimisation and consumer risk assessment

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