AHDB need water data from growers

by Tim Mudge

With the forthcoming changes in abstration licencing legislation there is a need to accuarte usage data. AHDB have started a project to get information from field veg and potato growers. They will be contacted directly by sustainability consultancy Ricardo Energy & Environment with an online survey also due to go live in late January.

In an article on the Greower magazine website AHDB Potatoes board member and Suffolk potato and vegetable grower Bruce Kerr said: "Field vegetables and potatoes are where future legislation could have the most direct impact on business viability.

"It is vital we generate detailed data that reflects the wide range of crops, business types, geographical locations and ways of obtaining water. By building as clear an understanding as possible of our water use, this AHDB survey aims to provide an evidence base for policy makers."

AHDB Horticulture research and knowledge exchange manager Anne Stone added: "For the first time we hope to be able to quantify the typical net financial benefits of irrigation as a result of increased yield and improved product quality.

"I urge growers to take the time to complete our survey and play their part in ensuring that our industries are able to secure adequate access to water in the future.