Soil Health & Your Wealth 4 Day Seminar

The Slate Conference Centre, University of Warwick

Date: October 24 at 9:00am to October 27 at 5.00pm

Guest Speakers: Graeme Sait and Joel Williams

Let me introduce Graeme Sait for those who haven’t heard of him. He is a world leader in Soil Heal, Plant Health, Animal and Human Health with his techniques of “Nutrient Farming”. He has met with some of the top retailers who are very much behind his way of growing and the changes he has already made around the world to date. He is an inspiration and all he talks about we can relate too and help us to become better growers and more profitable along the road. Joel Williams will also be appearing as Guest Speaker at the event.

Ticket Cost: £350 plus VAT per person

Please visit to purchase your ticket. There is also accommodation at Warwick University at a reduced rate for this course. For more information about the seminar please email