BBSRC Seeding Catalyst Award Event

Cranfield University

Agri-EPI Centre is hosting an exciting event at Cranfield University on 28th February 2018 to showcase research and development solutions for industry challenges supported by networks with Cranfield University and fellow centre of excellence, CHaP.

The event will provide a platform for active knowledge transfer for further research and development in…

  • Soil health
  • Precision agriculture
  • Food waste
  • Water management
  • Satellite to seed

There will be presentations from lead academics at the Cranfield Soil and AgriFood Institute and a tour of the new glasshouse-based sensor platform for use in pilot scale growth trials, vehicle and mobile sensor equipment for field installation and postharvest storage facilities. 


10.00 Arrival and registration, tea, coffee

10.30 Welcome and introduction to the day

10.35 Cranfield: overview of expertise, facilities and opportunities - Prof. Ron Corstanje

10.55 Plant phenotyping and precision agriculture - Dr. Toby Waine

11.15 Tour of the Cranfield/AgriEPI Centre/CHaP facilities - Ron Cornsanje/Toby Waine/Dan Simms

12.30 Lunch and networking

13.30 The Soil Health Facility: monitoring above and below ground to link soil and crop health - Prof. Wilfred Otten

13.50 Soil challenges - impact on growers, processors and fresh supply chain - Dr. Lynda Deeks

14.10 Q&A

14.30 Industry challenges: please submit your question or challenge

14.45 Close


Please email to reserve a place.