Market Intelligence

“Suppliers of fresh produce retail information in the UK. We survey the major supermarkets every week and provide analytic tools to category managers.”

Every week our subsidiary company MIS provides online price and point of sale information that covers all retailers. It is a vital service to category managers and offers an accessible affordable solution for in store information. The ProduceView website provides a tool to category managers to make their lives easier and provide relevant, timely and reliable data so they can provide a service to their customers.

The MIS service has evolved over more than 20 years into a vital part of over seventy companies’ weekly category management strategy. The retail sector evolves very quickly and the ProduceView service reacts to it.  ProduceInsights gives subscribers even more ways to look at the weekly information.

For those who just want the data only and do not need the analytical insights there is ProduceLite a weekly spreadsheet from the relevant category sector delivered to subscribers mailboxes every Tuesday.

For more details contact Tim Mudge or Ruth Harris on 01507 353796 or email