Lobbying & Consultation

There are many impacts of Legislation and Policy that effect British Growing.

Inevitably we are all striving to make a positive difference to the Economy, Environment, Employment, Energy, Health, Education and many other areas of living in Britain. Consequently British Growers is frequently called upon to advise Government departments, communicate Horticulture's needs & opinions and contribute to Consultations instigated during Policy formation and implementation.

We aim to create positive relations with the Government of the day. We have provided Grower opinion and knowledge in recent years on many areas including, Labour/SAWS, Pesticide usage, Nitrate Vulnerable Zones, Accommodation Offset, Statutory Levies, CAP Reform, Food Safety, Migration, and Research & Development/Knowledge Transfer.

We work closely with colleagues within other industry bodies, such as NFU, HDC, FPC, CFA, FDF and BRC, to ensure that constructive and progressive impacts are achieved in any areas of Policy and Legislation effecting British Growing.